Advisory services


Organizations today are increasingly branching out to global destinations and operations. We at Allion Technologies best understand the importance of being in touch and up to date with changing technology and taking advantage of the numerous advantages it presents. Obtaining proper business advice in order to ensure a streamlined efficient process throughout the organization is paramount for a well managed IT system.

We are trusted advisers to many established local and international organizations, equipped with a team of experienced professionals with strong business skills, in depth industry knowledge and IT skills.

Business process management

  • A well thought out Business process is what keeps a business running successfully.
  • It combines people, process and technology to improve organizational performance and create a highly agile and streamlined environment.
  • In outsourcing, one needs an experienced and knowledgeable partner with a proven track record in delivering the right services consistently and efficiently.
  • At Allion Technologies, we take a disciplined approach and ensure that it renders beneficial results to our clients; rapid deployment, scalable, repeatable, and a profitable ROI.
  • Our methodologies stem from the extensive experience with clients of diverse industries and our own outsourcing operations.

Our Business Process Management Services include

  • Studying and mapping out business processes.
  • Conducting System Studies and gathering of requirements.
  • Conducting Gap Analysis - AS-IS to TO-BE process mapping.
  • Creating detailed Systems Requirement Specifications.

Allion’s services will
help you

  • Establish optimal processes and foster effective communication .
  • Obtain visibility into work in progress and drive continuous insight into business operations.
  • Encourage workforce to embrace innovative methods of working and enable organisational change.
  • Improve service delivery, reduce costs, secure new clients.

Change management

A common occurrence in companies is time being spent, figuring out what changed during a process. This takes up unplanned time off a project and most often portrays a lack of efficiency of the IT department. The reason for companies to fail in this regard is due to poor strategising of procedures, documentation, policies, back up plans and most importantly, communication.

We at Allion Technologies, bring together a trained and experienced team of consultants, to help you manage change better, reduce downtime and improve processes by utilising our innovative technologies, proven methodologies and years of successful customer engagement experience; thus enabling your IT personnel to turn their focus onto more important aspects of the project rather than spending too much time troubleshooting.

Our team works closely with our clients in helping them create seamless processes that coincide with the organisation’s goals, needs and customer expectations. We take a holistic approach to Change, by focusing on predicting, measuring and managing the risks associated from day one.

Our Change Management service extends to;

  • Establish a structured and managed change planning and approval process in-order to avoid events that may impact the business or organisation.
  • Achieve significant improvement with the change management process across all IT services.
  • Identify and overcome barriers, motivate employees and assist with obtaining the necessary skill sets to manage change in the future.
  • Provide IT staff with the necessary insight into incident and change information in order to enhance their ability to quickly identify and resolve issues.

IT Re-Engineering

IT Re-engineering is an integral part of our services as we are constantly evolving with changing times and trends, adapting quickly. This ensures we’re continuously re-engineering our products and services. Organisations often find themselves in a dilemma in their methods and approach to IT Re-engineering. Costs of maintenance, resource limitations, lack of knowledge, new concepts are some of the challenges faced.

We help customers re-engineer and migrate to newer technologies with minimum risk. Services are inclusive of comprehensive assessment, planning, migration, testing and support of applications. Also our years of technical process expertise gives us extra leverage in being able to provide value-added solutions to our customers as follows,

  • Exceptional and cost effective approach.
  • Services are backed by exceptional delivery excellence.
  • Proven and well-defined methodology in re-engineering and migration services.
  • Strong resource base with migration tools and process proficiency.
  • State-of-the-art tools and strategies which can significantly improve odds.
  • Scalable solutions that enable easy implementation of future enhancements.
  • Strong project management and re-engineering processes ensuring a smooth organisation wide rollout of new technology platforms.