Indoscan (Pvt) Ltd

Indoscan (Pvt) Ltd

Indoscan (Pvt) Limited is primarily, an ethical Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Devices and Cosmoceuticals Importer and Distributor in Sri Lanka. It was established as a small family organization in the year 1989 and has now grown up to be a front line organization recognized for its outstanding performance in introducing for the first time, some internationally reputed manufacturers to the Sri Lankan market.


Indoscan had gained market share and grown into a stronger competitor with their distribution network been highly penetrative, covering the entire Island servicing a wide range of clientele consisting of over 3000 Medical Professionals, 300 hospitals (both Government and Private sector) and 1600 Pharmacy Outlets.

By 2010, there was no looking back for Indoscan since they had to sustain the business growth rate by effectively managing their operations; therefore Indoscan’s management was looking for a trusted software partner to provide them with an integrated system that could improve operational efficiencies, customer management and decision making capabilities.


Indoscan being a SME with a total staff of around 50 employees faced some of the following challenges

  • Inefficiencies in updating of Inventory – The process for manually updating the stock of inventory, conducting stock audits and raising purchase orders was tedious due to the lack timely and updated information.
  • Lack of monitoring in Sales activities – Indoscan’s core profit generating team is their sales force and they rely on a large distribution network with many clients. Since the sales teams used to raise invoices manually when away on sales visits, the updates with the head office occurred only once every week, hence this made it difficult to keep track of daily sales transactions with end clients and also to budget and forecast for supply on demand.
  • Tedious Payment Management – Since different units were operating without a centralised system, keeping track of payment management was tedious and costly due to communication overheads.
  • Lack of integration between costs of sales with their accounting system – The Indoscan team uses a separate accounting system to keep track of their Accounting books; however updating this system with daily cost of sales was a tedious process.
  • Lack of a centralized communication mechanism – Due to the absence of a centrally managed email server, the different units operating within the organisation couldn’t communicate efficiently.
  • Lack of an up to date Reporting system –Since Indoscan didn’t have a central system with updated information on Inventory, Sales and Payments, it was always a challenge to gather timely reports based on management requests.


Indoscan approached Allion and requested for a potential integrated solution towards their challenges.

Allion’s business analyst and technical team worked closely with Indoscan’s team to understand their business goals and requirements.

Upon following a sturdy project operational model and an ideal SLA, Allion Technologies took up the challenge of providing Indoscan with an efficient Sales Distribution System.

A few concerns our team had to face

  • Working with non IT Savvy staff – When gathering requirements and mapping it in to a system’s perspective, our technical team often faced communication mishaps on understanding the current processes and the client’s exact expectations.
  • Resistance to change – For over 20 years, the organisational culture was tamed to operate manually, without the intervention of an integrated system therefore it was natural for the staff to resist the new system.


Allion Technologies successfully provided Indoscan with a sales distribution system and also configured an email server. Upon implementation of the application, Allion still undertakes support requests from the client.

Indoscan’s staff and management reaped the following benefits,

  • Up to date tracking of Indoscan’s stock movement and enhanced ordering mechanism.
  • Improvement in tracking of daily sales activities as the windows application which is installed in all the sales representatives’ laptops gets updated with the web application on daily basis.
  • Payment management happens only through system’s authrisation and there’s almost no chance for fraudulent activities or erroneous transactions.
  • Since the Cost of Sales is calculated instantly, the accounting system can also be updated more frequently, hence allowing for up to date accounting books.
  • The centralized email server facilitates efficient communication within internal units and also with clients.
  • Reports generated upon request from Indoscan’s management and staff helps them out in timely decision making towards daily business operations. .
  • Overall reduction is operational overhead costs due to less maintenance of paper and reduced staff.