Allion Technologies is your trusted partner for all your strategic needs in outsourcing. Be it on shore, off shore or a combination of both, we provide tailored services to suit your requirements. We ensure that the overall end result is a positive as well as an effective and advantageous long term solution in enabling a high performance organisation. .

Application Development

Comprising of a fully equipped application development team, at Allion, we provide a second to none service in application development. We ensure that the applications we build for our clients are designed to help increase operational efficiency and sustain competitive advantage.

Our services are designed to support an end-to-end solution; from requirements through to design, testing and implementation. The Agile Methodology is incorporated into everything we do. A proven approach in executing any project quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. End result – high quality applications, with minimal or zero defects and one that runs over a lifetime.

Our Business Process Management Services Include

  • We take full liability for software systems to ensure its built to clients’ specifications.
  • Improve the quality of existing applications.
  • Ensure the applications are fully operational and responsive to your company's changing business needs.
  • Regular maintenance; cost effective handling of modifications, enhancements, and documentation.
  • Other capabilities include: Testing services, user support, continuous maintenance, root-cause analysis etc…

Application Management

We take a different approach to Application Management. We understand that every client is unique in their business needs and goals; and this varies according to different geographies and cultures. Bearing this in mind, we start with you, our client.

With today’s technology advances organisations often struggle in keeping up with the pressures of improved features or speed of service delivery. We take this burden out of your hands by investing productive time in getting to know your specific objectives and leveraging our national and international expertise, we bring guidance, support, vision, excellence and passion in-order to give you exactly what you need.

Applications need to be amended, tested and supported continuously. Our approach focuses on the following.

  • Implementing industry best practices for better management and performance.
  • Proactive methods for early detection and bug fixing; reducing downtime.
  • Enhancing user experience, satisfaction and a comprehensive operational visibility and efficiency.
  • Reducing costs, eliminating risks and enabling a significant ROI.
  • Optimizing your existing environment to enable smart, efficient decisions, quality and effective business processes.

IT Managed Services

Through IT Managed Services, Allion Technologies will take the reins for all your IT needs; from lifecycle management to operation, development and maintenance of application and infrastructure. Rest assured that its under the management of highly skilled and experienced technology experts, allowing you peace of mind to focus on what’s important; Your Business.

Even though latest technology is available at one’s fingertips, many organisations lack the resources to meet the demands of accelerating innovation.

Allion delivers pioneering and flexible services that are able to efficiently manage the simplest to the most complex tasks. Using both cloud and traditional technologies and focusing on operational competence and improving profitability, our services will enable you to accomplish the desired excellence at a cost most suited to your budget.


  • Adaptable outsourcing solutions including business process operations and service delivery platforms.
  • Delivery models that cater for on-site/off-site hosting, private/public, hybrid Cloud models, giving clients the flexibility and mobility needed.
  • Cost effective management services, combining flexible financial options with industry specific expertise and a competent delivery record.
  • Speed up the transformation of your operations; maximise business agility and lower total cost of ownership.