Schola Technologies, New Zealand

Schola Technologies, New Zealand

Schola Technologies is an MOE (Ministry of Education) approved vendor providing School Management Systems (SMS) and other Education related services in New Zealand for over 8 years.

Allion Technologies had been in partnership with Schola Technologies providing software development and support management services for the project – Assembly; a Student Management System and is currently in use by 400+ schools.

Business problem

Though ‘Assembly’ was being widely used by Schools in New Zealand, it did have a few technical issues. Schola’s current local IT service provider lacked the resource to keep up with evolving market trends, changing business needs and the overwhelming work load. The board of Directors of Schola Technologies decided it was time for a radical change in the current mode of operations.

The company also had a few high financial overhead issues and was looking for an overseas partner who could help them achieve their goal cost effectively and efficiently.


  • Allion Technologies with little experience in school management systems, had to master this domain in a very limited time.
  • The understanding, mapping and documenting the architecture had to be done from scratch as these were not maintained previously.
  • Complete take over from former service providers had to be executed within 3 months. This meant bringing the team at Allion up to speed of the full scope of the project as well as taking over all inquiries from schools and familiarizing with open source technologies that were alien to Allion.
  • Setting up of proper communication and governance procedures in order to minimise any risks that may impact the smooth development and delivery of project.

Business outcome and benefit

The Schola/Allion Technologies partnership resulted in improved and better solutions and additional value adds to the product.

  • Achieving business objectives: Deploy a fully functioning system to 400+ schools within 6 months.
  • Providing uninterrupted support for end Clients (Schools): This contributed greatly towards retaining and improving the confidence levels of their existing clientele.
  • Quick turnaround time: The team at Allion delivered within the expected time frame without compromising the quality of service or deliverables.
  • Taking over of MIS Management: Allion’s competent MIS team managed all server related operations. This helped the client to reduce costs and solve most of their production issues over time.
  • Mobile Applications Development: Allion provided Schola with an innovative technological solution. They were the first ever MOE approved vendor to have a product accessible on a mobile app across various OS platforms


Our company, Schola Limited, has been working with Allion Technologies since 2012, developing a system for school and student management. Allion’s philosophy is based on “partnership” and we have been very happy to have our own, highly qualified, team working exclusively on our project. We have found the entire Allion team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and have the ability to clearly understand our business requirements and also those of our customers. Allion have gone above and beyond to ensure our system consistently works as expected. They consistently deliver high quality solutions for our business and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Cindy Brown

Development Manager – Schola Technologies