Established in 1995 Australia, SoNET Systems is an independent software vendor providing software development and IT infrastructure services to medium to large organisations in commercial and non-profit industries.

Their services include, custom business software development & maintenance, IT software & service products, comprehensive IT managed services, hosting etc…


By the year 2006, SoNET Systems had a proven track record of successful projects and were in discussion with a leading Australian non-profit organisation with the hopes of securing a large scale project that would put SoNET on a stronger threshold.

This organisation needed assistance with creating a system that would support their employment management project. The expected goal was to assist a user base of around 2000.


Being a small scale organisation with only 3 technical and 1 QA personnel SoNET Systems faced obvious challenges in taking up a feat such as this. The challenges they found themselves facing were.

  • Are we equipped with the necessary skills, tools and expertise to deliver a scalable and successful solution?
  • Creating a dynamic and cost effective business model.
  • Is this project manageable in house? If not, do we have substantial knowledge and experience in seeking offshore assistance?


SoNET Systems approached the team at Allion Technologies to help them overcome the above challenges.

The technical team from Allion worked closely with the client to understand their business goals and requirements. Equipped with a stringent engagement model and a strategic business model, Allion Technologies took up the challenge of providing SoNET with a scalable and efficient solution.

A few concerns our team had to face

  • Ensuring cultural differences don’t hinder the project process: Allion assign an individual from both parties who understand the other’s culture and communication.
  • The team at the non-profit organisation was not tech savvy: Constant communication/skype meetings were held and a strict Agile methodology was adhered to during the full project lifecycle.


Allion Technologies has consistently delivered high levels of commitment, expertise, technical skills, reliability and quality of service. This has significantly contributed towards establishing our business in today’s market and maintaining high level of competitiveness.

Bringing innovation, integrity, intelligence and technical expertise to our business operations, Allion Technologies distinguishes itself through its professionalism, efficiency and quality of service.

It has indeed been a pleasure working with the team at Allion Technologies and we highly recommend them as a trusted partner

Mike Janice